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Terms and Conditions (GTC)



  1. General information

ZellamSee-Kaprun-Holidays e.U. (Z-K-H Rentals) is an agency which rents accomodations against payment to guests for a temporary stay in these, .

Guests (contractual partners) are natural or legal persons of domestic or foreign countries who conclude an accommodation contract (booking) with ZellamSee Kaprun Holidays e.U. for themselves or for other guests.

The guest is usually also contract partner. Guests who are traveling with the contract partner (e.g. family members, friends, etc) are also considered as guests.

  1. Accommodation contract

The contractual terms of these general terms and conditions (GTC) apply to the conclusion of a contract of accommodation between ZellamSee Kaprun Holidays e.U. (hereinafter referred to as AP = accommodation provider) and the contractual partners. ZellamSee Kaprun Holidays e.U. manages and offers accommodations in the province of Salzburg for the purpose of accommodating guests.

For the agreed contract period (booking), the accommodation is rented to the guest exclusively for use for holiday purposes for short-term visits. The maximum number of people specified for a booking must not be exceeded. The contract is concluded within the scope of the Rental Law (MRG).

  1. Services and prices

The services provided by ZellamSee-Kaprun-Holidays e.U. consist of defined performance descriptions and price calculations. All services, which are included or excluded in the rental price (binding special services, which only come into effect by means of an actual accommodation or journey), are indicated by the AP in the reservation or booking confirmation. Fixed costs, which must be paid in accordance with applicable law, must be paid before booking and confirmed on booking. Special or additional services (additional costs such as extra bed linen, towels, intermediate cleaning, etc.) which are not indicated in the booking or booking confirmation as part of the agreed services are to be paid separately before the accommodation is occupied. Additional costs also apply to children and small children. The AP may grant exceptions to this group of persons (exemption from charges). All prices are inclusive of statutory taxes (eg VAT).

All mentioned performance features and information are binding to ZellamSee-Kaprun-Holidays e.U, however, ZellamSee-Kaprun-Holidays e.U. reserves the right to make any necessary changes and notify the guest at the latest upon arrival. Guests must not be informed of any changes to movable objects (eg furniture, decorative items or other inventory) displayed on photographs. These may vary, depending on the wear or other influences, from the available pictorial material of the booked accommodation.

Guests have the right, as long as ZellamSee-Kaprun-Holidays e.U. does not offer any other reference time, to occupy the rented objects (apartments, chalets, etc.) from the time (on the day of arrival) specified in the booking or a separate information given to the guest . Usually this is from 16:00 to 19:00.

The rented rooms must be vacated by the contracting party by 10.00 am on the day of departure. The AP is entitled to charge another day if the rented rooms are not released within the time limit.

  1. Contracts - Payments

The contract of accommodation is concluded with the acceptance of the booking of the contract partner by ZellamSee Kaprun Holidays eU. The AP or ZellamSee-Kaprun-Holidays e.U. is entitled to conclude the accommodation contract on the condition that the contractual partner makes a deposit. In this case, the AP is obliged to notify the contractual partner of the required deposit before accepting the written or oral appointment of the contracting party. If the contracting party agrees with the down payment (in writing or verbally), the accommodation contract is concluded with the consent of the accommodation provider regarding the payment of the down payment of the contract partner with the AP.

The contractual partner is obliged to pay the deposit at the latest at the time specified in the booking after the confirmed booking. The cost of the money transaction (eg transfer charges) is borne by the contractual partner. The deposit is a partial payment to the agreed fee. The total rental amount must be paid before the keys are handed over. In addition, the guest is obligated to give a damage deposit on arrival for loss of keys and accommodation facilities by means of CreditCard pre-authorization. The amount of the deposit depends on the object between EUR 150.00 and EUR 1000.00 and is to be announced to the guest in time. The deposit cannot be paid in cash!   This will be kept as a reservation on a credit card of the guest and released latest after 48 hours after the departure of the guest, if there is no complaint (damages, open demands from the accommodation ratio).  

  1. Duration of accommodation

The rental period begins with the arrival date for the booked duration. ZellamSee Kaprun Holidays e.U.  provides the selected accommodation in accordance with the contract. Complaints on the part of the guest are to be communicated to the AP as soon as possible upon receipt of the accommodation. The AP has then the right to rectification. If the guest's complaint is not communicated to the AP in time, it is assumed that the accommodation was in the agreed and contractual condition. (See also point 7)

  1. Cancellation / Cancellation Policy

If the contractual partner wishes to withdraw from the contract, the following conditions apply:

The deposit and cancellation conditions are always stated in the respective accommodation. If this is not the case in exceptional cases (such as transmission errors, software updates, technical problems), the following conditions apply:  

If cancellation is made within 24 hours after booking, no cancellation fee is applied!

If a booking is canceled up to 2 days (24 hours) before the arrival date, 0% of the total amount of the booking will be charged!

If canceled or modified later or in case of no-show, 100% of the total amount of the reservation will be charged. This also applies to non-arrival or omitted, written notification thereof.  

In the event of a cancellation, a deposit will not be considered as a partial payment, but as cancellation fee resulting from the non-arrival. This is taken into account as described above. The contractual partner has the right at any time to provide a substitute tenant. In this case, the withdrawal fee is waived.  

ZellamSee-Kaprun-Holidays e.U. can terminate the booking without notice, if the contracting partner permanently interferes with the operation of the holiday home despite warnings, endangers other guests or behaves in breach of contract.

  1. Obligations of the guest - insurance

You, as a contract partner (guest), confirm with the booking these terms and conditions as having read and agreed. This applies in particular to the information on the use of the booked accommodation.

You and your fellow travelers agree to use the accommodation carefully and with respect and to return it (as well as the inventory), clean and in the same condition as on the day of departure to ZellamSee Kaprun Holidays e.U. This is independent of the final cleaning! Careful cleaning is carried out by ZellamSee Kaprun Holidays e.U.or its agents after departure of the guests.

The guest undertakes to treat the rented property and its inventory as well as possible community facilities with the greatest possible care. You are obliged to replace a damage caused during your rental period by your fault or the fault of your companions and guests. So-called prejudices are to be reported immediately upon arrival in the accommodation in writing or by telephone to the AP. The Proprietor can take appropriate measures to check the complaint and, if necessary, to carry out repairs or make equivalent substitutes.

The guest agrees not to cause damage to doors, windows, walls or floors, as well as other furnishings. In case of damage, the damage deposit can be used. This is especially applied for strong smoking smells, as all of our rented holiday properties are non-smoking.

The guest confirms to keep all personal belongings and valuables safely during the rental period. ZellamSee Kaprun Holidays e.U. shall not be liable for third party damages or violations. Guests are advised to take out a travel insurance prior to arrival. Private liability insurances generally also regulate damage in the holiday properties that you cause as a guest. The AP recommends to the guest to check whether his insurance also covers damages in holiday accommodations.

  1. Severance clause

If individual provisions of this contract are invalid or impracticable or become invalid or unenforceable after conclusion of the contract, the remaining parts of the contract remain unaffected by the invalidity. The ineffective or impracticable provision shall be replaced by the effective and enforceable regulation whose effects are closest to the economic objective pursued by the contracting parties with the ineffective or impracticable provision. The foregoing provisions shall apply mutatis mutandis in the event that the contract proves to be incomplete.

  1.   Font, supplements

Amendments and supplements to these terms and conditions require written form.


10. Jurisdiction / Jurisdiction

Austrian law applies. The court is Zell am See.

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